A semiflexible fiber or plastic disc without the ZEC logo on the back is a low quality imitation.


Zec discs are manufactured in Italy exclusively with first-rate raw materials

Zec’s unique resin mix and manufacturing procedures grant outstanding performance and reliability

Original Zec discs last much longer than imitations


Multiple layers of high quality, long lasting silicon carbide grains cut faster through adhesive-type coatings that would ordinarily load up a diamond cup wheel. ZEC discs discard adhesive build-up with minimal disc loading.

Fast and Easy removal of epoxy, urethane, rubberized coatings, mastic, adhesives, sealers, light rust, paint, dirt, rust marks, mud etc. from all types of surfaces.

Unique heavy duty plastic backing pad makes the disc firm yet flexible thanks to Zec’s exclusive semiflex properties.

  • ZEC Plastic discs are superlight giving the operator better control for beveling and more surface coverage for flat grinding and edge grinding without loading the coating onto the disc or melting the adhesive, quickly leaving a clean, smooth and flat surface.

  • ZEC Plastic Silicon Carbide discs are designed for fast grinding and removal of thick adhesive-type coatings from concrete surfaces. Removes the coating then grinds the concrete surface. Also great for heavy rust removal from steel surfaces and barnacles from the hull of boats.

  • ZEC Plastic Aluminum Oxide discs are recommended for grinding welds on ship walls, decks, repairing steel boats or any situation where removing welds on a flat metal surface is required.


  • Edge bevel and chamfer
  • Flat surface grinding
  • Form cleaning
  • Granite Monuments and Markers
  • Marble Sculptures/Slabs/Blocks
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Structural Facings

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  • ZEC 16 grit disc lightly scarifies and sands off concrete, wood and metal surfaces: cleans the surface prior to resealing, coating, staining or painting.

  • Removal of thick coatings and sealers without melting the material or loading onto the disc.

  • General flat surface grinding on concrete floors, countertops and structural facings: fast removal of aggregate and form imperfections; will remove a broom finish on concrete but will not grind the concrete.

  • Creates the perfect profile and uniform finished surface for coating adhesion. Helps removing deep scratches and removes embedded dirt.

  • ZEC Plastic discs can be used wet and underwater to prepare surfaces.

  • Heavy rust removal from steel surfaces.

  • Fast removal of barnacles from the hull of boats.

  • General edge bevel and chamfer.

  • Stones: Marble Sculptures/Slabs/Blocks, Granite Monuments/Markers, Sandstone, Limestone, Terrazzo.

  • Fast aggressive grinding of wood to remove high spots on swollen OSB plywood.

ZEC - Superior quality abrasive discs