A semiflexible fiber or plastic disc without the ZEC logo on the back is a low quality imitation.


Zec discs are manufactured in Italy exclusively with first-rate raw materials

Zec’s unique resin mix and manufacturing procedures grant outstanding performance and reliability

Original Zec discs last much longer than imitations

ZEC - Metal working


ZEC discs quickly grind ferrous and exotic metals. Grinding and dressing metals in one operation thanks to the semiflexibility of Zec’s fiber and plastic backings: grind and finish simultaneously replacing depressed center wheels and resin fiber discs; superior performance to save on time and cost.

ZEC performance allows for fast weld removal on ship walls, decks, repair of steel boats and in any situation where removing welds on a flat surface is required.

ZEC discs are ideal for de-rusting of large metal surfaces of ships, mechanical cleaning before painting, accurate removal of rust, corrosive deposits, this mill scales, deposits of old adherent paints.

Unique ZEC design increases chip clearance , cuts cooler and increases cutting speed.

Metal Working, with ZEC DISC


  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Weld grinding, rust and pit removal
  • Pipe beveling
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Power plant installations
  • Ship and boat yards
  • Propeller Cleaning
  • Aluminum
  • Iron and Bronze foundries
  • Titanium and Iconel grinding
  • Shipbuilding

ZEC - Ship, Metal working
ZEC - Superior quality abrasive discs