A semiflexible fiber or plastic disc without the ZEC logo on the back is a low quality imitation.


Zec discs are manufactured in Italy exclusively with first-rate raw materials

Zec’s unique resin mix and manufacturing procedures grant outstanding performance and reliability

Original Zec discs last much longer than imitations

The Original
Superior Quality. 100% Made in Italy.
ZEC S.p.A. Semiflex Disc - High Quality

ZEC Semiflex

Strong vulcanized fiber discs

ZEC discs are made by an exclusive manufacturing process designed to give the user full reliability in terms of quality, performance and safety.

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ZEC S.p.A. Plastic Disc - High Quality

ZEC Plastic

Heavy Duty semi flex discs
ZEC S.p.A. Plastic Disc - High Quality

ZEC Heavy Duty discs become semiflexible in use, resist wear, produce more in less time and reduce operators fatigue by absorbing grinder’s vibrations. No back up pad required.

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ZEC S.p.A. Flexible Disc - High Quality

ZEC Flexible

Double Coated fiber discs
ZEC S.p.A. Flexible Disc - High Quality

Outstanding efficiency, thanks to the overlapping of two first-rate abrasive layers. Domed shape, cooling pinholes, and a particular star hole with depressed center.

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